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BHC BirdyKey

Z73 Miniature Keys

What the modern Chinese ham is using...

Sorry to say we lost our source for these keys, but they do turn up on eBay offered by Chinese vendors.   We haven't given up, and if we find another source we will be happy to bring them back.  Meanwhile, we have several other minitature keys including our Christmas Keys and the Palm Portable Key.


BHC BirdyKeys are making a name for themselves in China, and now for the first time they are available in the US.  
The Z73 is a miniature brass key, reminiscent of some of the finer work of European keymakers.  

The design is "rear pivot," providing for leverage equivalent to full length of the key.  Contact spacing determined by an adjustment screw on the front yoke, and the silver contacts are located below the adjustment screw. . Connection is via miniature binding posts at the rear, and wiring to the lower front (hot) contact is chased in the bottom of  the brass base.  A hard-plastic sub-base provides for scratch free usage on delicate surfaces.  The needle bearings on the trunnion are fully adjustable, and lever tension is applied by a compression spring near the middle of the lever. The plate over the rear yoke carries a 3-digit serial number.  The mechanism is solid brass, with a natural satin finish which will darken over time.

Base dimensions are  2-1/8" by 3/4" wide, and the total height is 1-1/4" from table to the flat top of the knob.  The Z-73 weighs  3-1/4 Ounces, and keying force is down through the base so the little key is surprising stable in use.

BH-BHCZ73 $79.95


 BirdyKey Z73-Plus is supplied with a machined solid brass sub-base which doubles the weight and greatly increases stability.  The sub-base measures 73x30mm and is 8mm (1/4") thick. A BHC logo plate is screwed onto the front of the base and it brings the weight up to 8 Oz.  Mounting screws are included and installation requires a Philips-head screwdriver.

BH-BHCZ73P $89.95

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

What Others are Saying...

I bought a BirdyKey Z73 about a year ago.  When it arrived I
was amazed how small it was.  I stuffed it in a drawer and forgot
about it.  Dragged it out recently and knowing I would need a small
key for man-portable ops, started to play with it.  I was amazed at
how smoothly it operated and how stable it was...I expected it to
wander across the table.  It feels good, is consistent to the touch,
and tracks smoothly on the bearings.  One tiny criticism is that the
lead attach holes really need to be bigger - difficult to get much
of a wire in there. 

Very nice key for the money!  I have no financial or other
relationship with Mistone Technologies,  BHC, or anyone else
associated with this
key....just a good product.


If you are a user of the Birdy Z73 key, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page. 


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