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DC Power Center

 Power Supplies and Batteries

 Power Supplies
transformer 9V Wall Transformer 
Input: 100-120VAC
Output: 9VDC @ 200mA
2.1mm coaxial plug
AM-P9T $9.95
transformer 12V Wall Transformer
Input: 100-120VAC
Output: 12VDC @ 500mA

2.5mm coaxial plug
AM-P12T $11.95
For PT3s manufactured after 2008
transformer12V Wall Transformer
Input: 100-120VAC
Output: 12VDC @ 200mA

2.1mm coaxial plug
AM-P12TA $9.95
For PT3s manufactured before 2008
cup36 13.5V Switching Power Supply
Input: Universal AC
Output: 13.5VDC @ 2.4A
2.5mm coaxial plug
CD-CUP36 $39.95
more info
XR38 13.8V Precision Power Supply
Input: 110-120VAC
Output: 13.8VDC @ 3A
Binding posts
EL-XR38 $59.95
more info
jtps14 12A Switching Power Supply
Input: 110-220VAC
Output: 13.8VDC (adj) @ 12A, 14A Peak
Binding posts
JT-PS14 $49.95
more info
jtps28 24A Switching Power Supply
Input: 110-220VAC
Output: 13.8VDC @ 24A, 28A Peak
Binding posts, jacks
JT-PS28m $99.95
more info
Other Jetstream Switching Power Supplies
Battery Chargers 
3p10 12V Pb-Acid Battery Charger
Intelligent charging for all 12V lead-acid batteries incl. gel cells.
Input: 110-220VAC

Output: Programmed, .7A peak
Clip Leads
MD-3P10 $17.95
more info
15vl3 1.5V Lithium Button Cell Set
(for LED pens)
Set of 3, LR1130(2) & LR44(1) or
Set of 2 LR44

NP-LPBY $1.99
cr2032 3V CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell
(For Palm Radio devices)
MD-CR2032 $1.99 (List  3.99)
gellcell 12V 7AH "Gel Cell" Sealed Lead/acid
7AH Capacity at Full Charge
Dimensions: 5.9x2.6x3.7
Weight 6.25 Lbs
MD-12VG $21.50  (List 27.99)


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