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This is the home page of Marshall Emm, N1FN.

"N1FN" is an FCC issued Amateur Radio Callsign, and it's there because my ham radio friends are more likely to recognize that than my name. I also hold an Australian license (VK5FN) and have also been known as AA0XI and VK2DXP. Oh... and KB0SCL for one week.  And just to keep it interesting, I often operate as "ET" rather than Marshall.

I thought as long as I am doing all these pages and pages ( literally thousands of lines of HTML code) for Morse Express and Milestone Technologies, Oak Hills Research, and AMECO, I might as well do a "personal page."

Now put your mirror shades on, get your nerf-bat ready, and make sure your seatbelt is fastened, 'cuz here's a picture of me with Mighty Samson, the QRP Dog... who has a framed certificate attesting to his ability to COPY MORSE CODE!

me1.jpgMighty Samson, the QRP Dog

My little pal Sammy, apart from being the only other guy in the house, can copy the words "OK" (which to him means "let's go for a ride in the car") and "BED" when they are whistled by anyone.  That's five letters, or about 20% of the Morse alphabet, so he would have a good chance of passing a Morse exam if we could only teach him to write.  If anybody's counting, one way to pass the Morse test is to copy one minute out of the five minute test.  That's 20%, q.e.d.!

And it's NOT just the whistling-- whistle anything else in Morse and he will look at you as if he is trying to understand what you are saying, but that's it.  For the skeptics among you, Sammy's skill has been verified and certified by two Extra Class amateur operators of unquestioned integrity.

One of my interests is telegraphy equipment.Click here to see images of some Morse keys from my collection. Lot's of people have asked what my little key animation is sending-- click here to find out!

Please give me credit for not boring you with a bunch of biographical stuff and what my hobbies are, but if there is anything you would like to know about me-- feel free to ask, just as I shall feel free to not tell you [g].

Or... push the BUTTON to visit the Milestone Technologies / Morse Express / Oak Hills Research web site.  That's my business, and the reason development on THIS page has been so sparse. 

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