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Wm. M. Nye Company

Speed-X Telegraph Keys

Nye has been making keys and paddles since 1975, and the tradition of quality and value is strong in every product that carries the Wm. M. Nye, Speed-X, and Nye Viking logos. But don't take our word for it-- click here to see what hams are saying!    

Inventory Note

As of 01/26/2019 we have the following Nye/Speed-X products in stock:

    KB2A Aluminum Key Base


Regrettably we cannot accept backorders for the Speed-X keys that are not in stock. Please check back here periodically.

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The Classic Speed-X Keys

Tradition?  Take a look at Model 320.  Now thumb through the January 1937 issue of QST.  First made by Les Logan, then by E.F. Johnson, and now by Wm M. Nye Company, the zinc bases of the Speed-X keys have been cast in the the same molds since the 1930's.  When you purchase a Speed-X key you are not just buying a key, you are buying a piece of telegraphic history.  

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 The Classic Oval Speed-X Keys These  Speed-X keys have a crinkle-finish black oval base and elegant hardware.  The contacts are gold-plated,  and the key action is fully adjustable.
As of 8/01/17 production of the oval-base Speed-X keys --models 310-001 and 310-003-- has been suspended. 

320-001 Nickel Plated

The Classic Rectangular Speed-X Keys. 

These Speed-X keys feature a cast rectangular base with black crinkle finish, solid brass square section key lever, and large "Navy" style knob.  Contacts are gold plated, and the key action is fully adjustable. 

320-001 Rectangular key, nickel plated brass hardware $84.95
322-001 Rectangular key, brass hardware $84.95

  The MX Sprint  was a keyer/paddle based on  the Nye SSK with a memory keyer built into it.

Accessories for your Nye Speed-X keys...

kb2a key base

  Aluminum Base Plate
for Speed-X and other keys...  $17.00

(The key shown is an unreleased prototype on brass-plated base, from the N1FN collection.)

The KB2a base plate is made specifically for the Speed-X model 31x  and 32x series keys, but it can be used with many other keys that have mounting holes 1.5" apart. The holes are tapped for 6-32 machine screws (included).  Other keys can be mounted on the base simply by drilling the mounting holes.  The base is finished in Nye's classic black crinkle paint,  has four feet at the corners for excellent stability, and is supplied with two pairs of key-mounting screws, to fit the shorter 310 base and the taller 320 base.  Note that some old 32x (rectangular base) keys have 1.25" or 1.33" hole spacing-- options are to mount with one screw, or drill and tap one or both holes for that spacing.  As supplied, the holes are correct for all 31x oval base keys and 32x keys made after 1980. 

Speed-X Key Springs.. $2.50

Conical coil springs, supplied by Nye as replacements for Speed-X keys, but will fit many other keys.  
Need a connecting cable? Click here!

Aluminum Key Base Plate NV-KB2  $17.00
for keys with mounting holes spaced 1.5" apart
Speed-X Key Spring NV-3XKS    $2.50

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

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