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Paom Radio

Palm Mini Paddles 

Palm Radio Ceased Production

As inventory is exhausted we will remove the shopping cart links from Palm Products so you can quickly see what is still available.    I'm very sorry for any inconvenience, and of course Morse Express will service Palm Radio products as long as we can.  Thank you for supporting Palm Radio products.  

Marshall, N1FN

Many operators have wished for a portable paddle that is of good quality and at a reasonable price.  Palm Radio decided to develop a special portable dual paddle for outdoor, traveling and QRP activities: the Mini-Paddle.  Lightweight and only 1 x 1 x 3 inches in dimension, it fits in practically every pocket. The paddles can be retracted into the rugged aluminum or ABS enclosure for protection when not in use, and Palm also designed a a fitted travel case for paddles, keyer, spare battery, etc.. The Palm Mini-Paddle comes complete with connecting cable and snap-fit QuickMountTM base plate. Please feel free to visit Palm Radio's own web site in Germany by clicking here.  Click here for Palm's new Single Paddle.

Features of the Mini-Paddle:
•  Small sized twin paddle Made in Germany, perfect for portable and mobile operation.
•  Paddles can be slid inside, for perfect protection by the enclosure.
•  Rugged housing made from powder-coated, extruded aluminum profile for maximum strength.
•  -- Lighter ABS enclosure available as an option
•  Dimensions only 1 x 1 x 3 inches –perfect for travelers, backpackers and outdoor-QRP-fans!
•  Lightweight.
•  Three separate adjustment screws allow individual adjusting possibilities:
  - Spring tension
  - Contact spacing
  - Paddle stop.
According to personal preference, a hard or soft paddle stop is possible.
•  Firmly seated with no play in the paddles.
•  Gold plated contacts guarantee longevity and reliability.
•  Iimproved connecting cable with MP_Plug 70cm, Quick-Mount and instructions supplied.

Palm Mini Paddle PR-MPS  $120
--   Gray housing, with Quick Mount, Cord, Magnets, and Travel Case
- Sold Out -
Palm 817 Paddle,  PR-MP817  $120
--   All Black, Aluminum Housing, Magnetic Quick Mount, Cord, and Travel Case
- Sold Out -
Palm 817 Paddle,  PR-MP817ABS  $120
--  All Black, ABS Housing, Magnetic Quick Mount, Cord, and Travel Case
- Sold Out -
Quick Mount for MP/PS/PPK. Black, no magnets  $6 - Sold Out -
Quick Mount for MP/PP/PPK Black, with Magnets  $12 - Sold Out -
Magnets (pair) for Quick Mount $7 * Sold Out *
Cable with MP Plug 70cm for Palm Paddle $18 - Sold Out -
MP Plug Mini Paddle Plug Kit for Stereo Cable  $6.00 - Sold Out -
Fitted Travel Case for Palm Paddle and accessories $12 - Sold Out -
Replacement Mini Paddle Housing, Black ABS $14
- Sold Out -
Replacement Mini Paddle Housing, Black Aluminum  $14


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Palm Mini-Paddle Installed on N1FN's FT100D Using QuickMount and Magnets

Click Here for Adjustment and Use Instructions

"Quick-Mount" for the Mini-Paddle

Features of the "Quick-Mount"

The Mini-Paddle is simply snapped into the Quick-Mount-- four orientations are possible

Screws allow variation of the mounting angle

Optional super-strong magnets hold firm on
ferrous surfaces
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Designed especially to match the Yaesu FT-817, the  Palm P817 is all black, and includes magnets.

Click image to view in full size

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

For tons more pictures and info, please feel free to visit Palm Radio's own web site in Germany by clicking here... but don't forget to come back!

What Others are Saying...

Recently purchase a Palm.  Mounted it on an old military J-45 leg clamp
mount.  Works great.  Now I can walk around the shack and still send!!
--Pete, K4BKD

Have had the FT-817 style (I liked the color) paddle now
for two years of rugged use in a consistantly salt-air and
water environment on board merchant ships (I work on them)
as well as in the car mobile at home.  Use with an IC-706MKIIG.

There is not a miniature "travel" paddle that even comes
close to the quality and feel of the Palm.  Moreover, the
"stowed travel mode" is fault-free and has protected the
handles completely.  And I have not detected any sign of
wear and tear after literally thousands of hours on cw.

A great product..

--73/Geoff Morse K7GA

I recently bought a solid black version of the Palm
Mini-paddles, after looking at what was available on
the web from other vendors, to go with my K1.  Wow!
What a super-feeling paddle!  Higher-speed sending is
quite easy, thanks to the precision feel of the paddle
mechanism design.

Making use of the magnetic base to give to it a solid
feel during at-home use, I had machined a rectangular
block of 1/2"-thick steel that has a slightly larger
footprint than the base.  I bead-blasted it, painted
it black, put some very thin & sticky rubber feet on
the bottom, and it works WONDERFULLY!  So, now I can
very effectively enjoy it any time I want at home...
not just on trips out into the field.

I'm really fond of it!  Herzlichen Glueckwunsch auf
einer tolle Taste!

-Mark K0EX

I received my Palm Mini Paddle today.  Thanks for the quick shipping

As advertised, it is a well machined package, nicely matches the Elecraft
radios, and is VERY adjustable.  I like it better than my regular
"full-size" key in the shack.    I plan to use this key with my Elecraft K1
and was pleased to find that it mounted on the side of the radio very easily,
leaving me with a tidy, compact, portable setup. Thanks!

--Pete Elliott, KC8MIG

Thanks for answering my questions about the Palm paddles and getting them
to me in such a short time.  These are fabulous little keys!!  Just what
I've been looking for!  Well made and very easy to use.  I'll probably be
looking for another pair in a short time.  Thanks again for being such an
outstanding merchant. 73, Pete, WM4U

I am the happy/proud owner of the Palm mini-paddle. This is easily the
best petite paddle I have ever used. I have it adjusted to my touch and
with closed eyes, can't tell it from my full size paddle!

I received the Mini Paddle today....It is as advertised.  I finished
adjusting it to my feel and it is great.  I can't get over how small it
really is!  As a matter of fact, I was carrying it around showing it to
the family and laid it down and walked off.  It took me 10 minutes to find
it!  Looks to be pretty rugged construction and  the connector/cable assembly
is a very nice touch.  I will be using it with my K2 exclusively, the fact
that the paint matches the K2 is really nice.  Of course, it will be a
welcome addition to any QRP/portable have a real winner
here.  Kudos to the designers, they have created a very fine design, now
why can't I think of something like this?  I quess we can't all be
brilliant!  The Mini Paddle is a "keeper" for sure and they should sell like hot
cakes.  I wish Palm Radio and Morse Express great success with the
Mini Paddle.  You both are going to make a lot of CW op's very happy.
--Mike,  KC8WR

DE N1FN, at Morse Express...   This isn't exactly from "others" but it is worth saying.  I was privileged to be involved peripherally with the development of the Palm Mini-Paddle, from very near the beginning.  Hannes sent me a proto-type, and one of the first production batch, and I have to say I am impressed.  I use a Schurr Profi most of the time in the shack, so that has become my standard of comparison for any new paddle.  Does the Palm Mini-Paddle compare well?  I was amazed! The fingerpieces are relatively small, and have a slight indentation and texture, but mechanically it feels so close to the Schurr in precision and tactile feedback that I had to take it apart to see how they do it!  The mechanism is virtually unique, and while the levers are a high-tech injection molded and machined plastic, the Mini-Paddle does not rely on lever "flex" for the spring tension-- each lever has its own adjustable spring tension. Furthermore, the the contacts do not necessarily stop the lever movement.  You can set them that way, or you can set them for a bit of "overrun" for even more tactile feedback.  This is a quality engineering job, and I have no hesitation in recommending it as the best paddle available for less than $100. [added later]  First batch went out the door Friday, and today (Monday)  I got the comment from Dick K8RJA.  Also found out that Hannes uses a Schurr Profi in the shack, and was deliberately aiming for that kind of feel, performance, and reliability.

Great little paddle!
Feels great, packs small and plays well with both my OHR Dual band Classic
and the new FT-817. First QSO was a So. African on 30 Meters.
Spells just a badly as my full sized paddle though.
--Gene, K1AVE

If you are a user of the Palm paddle, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page. 


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