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Palm Portable Key (PPK)

Palm Radio Ceased Production

As inventory is exhausted we will remove the shopping cart links from Palm Products so you can quickly see what is still available.    I'm very sorry for any inconvenience, and of course Morse Express will service Palm Radio products as long as we can.  Thank you for supporting Palm Radio products.  

Marshall, N1FN


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The PPK is a fully functional portable straight key. Its features are:

  1. Equipped with a sturdy ABS housing which perfectly protects the key when locked in the transport position
  2. Ingeniously designed and manufactured in Germany - the PPK was modelled on the famous German Junkers key when it comes to the feel, not the size!
  3. Connecting cable - ending in a 3,5mm stereo phone plug - supplied and already attached - through a solid strain relief integrated in the key.
  4. Unique way of adjusting the arm tension in six incremental steps - unlike fiddling with a screw, simply change the notch and always have a reproducable arm tension rate
  5. High quality contacts made of 99,8 percent nickel material guarantee longevity and reliability.
  6. Precise adjustment of contact spacing through supplied Allen key. 90 degree rotation (quarter turn) changes gap only 0,125mm (0,05")
  7. Supplied adjustment key stores conveniently in the Quick Mount base and is always at hand.
  8. Quick Mount base which allows a wide range of mounting variations also included.
  9. The PPK is wired tip AND ring, but some radios require either tip OR ring, in which case you need to do a minor modification, see PPK wiring note (PDF-File)
PPK Manual (PDF-File)

Palm Portable Key (PPK), Quick Mount and Cord, ABS Housing $110.00                 - Sold Out -      
See also the new Palm PPK IR, with built-in IR Link Transmitter.

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

Mini Paddles       Portable Key (PPK) (You are Here)    Code Cube Keyers    Infrared Link     Peg Leg Tilt Stand for FT-817